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Welcome to our website.  We're glad you found us! We'd like to introduce you to the Remote Master.  Ther perfect product for every man and woman that wants complete control of the TV remote control. 

How many times in the last week have you had to search for the remote to your TV?  Too many to count?  Okay, how many times have you searched for it today?  We all know what happens - we fall asleep on the couch, go get a snack, or get up to answer the phone and upon returning the TV remote is missing. You've left it somewhere, it's fallen into that void between the couch cushions, or the kids have changed channels and hidden it from you. No More!  The Remote Master solves all of those problems for you!

Order one today. Impress your friends.  Become the Remote Master!

How Does it Work?

The Remote Master is simply a red lanyard with our logo that attaches to your remote control. You then wear it around your neck while you're watching TV and you never lose it!  In fact, you really don't even have to wear it around your neck.  The bright red lanyard serves like a beacon shining in the night.  If you're remote slips into the couch cushions, gets left by the phone, or falls off the end table you will see the red lanyard immediately.  In time, you wont even look for your remote, you'll look for the red lanyard. You can be the Remote Master when your buddies are around, your kids can't snatch it from you, and your significant other can't change channels when you're not looking!  How cool is that?

We've designed the Remote Master to be safe too.  The lanyard has a safety release clip so it will release if pressure is put on it.  We love it and we're sure you will too!  Click the 'Products' page to see more pictures!

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